BVCC Women

Our Purpose is to help women become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ by:


  • Including:  welcoming each woman into one of our many small group environments.
  • Instruction:  by providing women with opportunities to study the Bible. 
  • Involving:  by helping each woman find a place to serve.
  • Investing:  by training women to become leaders and mentors so they can disciple others to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  


BVCC Women's Bible Study

BVCC Women's Bible Study begins a new 8 week series on Thursday, September 22nd.


All women, 18 - 100 yrs are invited to join us on Thursdays in the Life Center Gym with two options -- a morning study at 10 am and evening study at 6:30 pm.


Paul’s letter to the Romans uncovers God’s heart and plan for the salvation of mankind, the gospel (Romans 1:16, 17). Sadly, too many Christians have lost sight of what the good news actually is and how to put it into action.

Because we don’t truly understand the grace we have received, we are stingy in giving grace. We believe that we’re basically good, evangelism is just for the pastor, and unity is only marginally important among Christians. We have redefined the gospel to something that’s convenient, but never uncomfortable.

In this eight-session video Bible study, Bible teacher Jada Edwards brings the clarity that we need for what the gospel is and how we live it out. Romans is a deep dive into doctrine, not for knowledge’s sake, but for life change. Jada explores Paul’s articulation of our faith and what it looks like in practice: how we love people, how we make decisions, how we submit to authority, how we live in community, and how we foster unity.


Childcare is available for both the morning and evening sessions.

For more information or questions please contact our BVCC Women's Pastor at

September 22 -- Session 1 --The Most Powerful Lens


September 29 -- No Bible Study

Attend Aspire Women's Conference on Friday, 9/30


October 6 -- Session 2 -- No Mess is Ever Too Big


October 13 -- Session 3 -- God Invites Everyone


October 20 -- Session 4 -- The Source of Your Security


October 27 -- Session 5 -- God's Gift Changes Everything


November 3 -- Session 6 -- God Keeps Every Promise


November 10 -- Session 7 -- With Love Comes                       Responsibility


November 17 -- Session 8 -- A Hope That Helps You Endure


We have a limited number of Romans Study Guides available for $13.00 Cash /Check, or $13.50 Credit Card. Please contact Pastor Joani or her assistant, Kristen Sinclair to purchase your copy with a credit card online or at Bible Study until they are sold out. They are also available for purchase at most book retailers including Amazon, Church Source, and Christian Book Distributors.


What should I expect my first time attending?


  1. We will greet you at the door and get you connected to a small group table. 
  2. Bring your Bible and your own beverage (coffee? water?)
  3. We offer childcare in the downstairs Family Center.  If you are not sure where that is we will help you get there!  



Mothers of Preschoolers

MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers, kids from conception through kindergarten. MOPS is a grassroots movement that believes moms are world influencers. Simply put, we believe that better moms make a better world. Through membership in MOPS International, we are connected with moms all over the world who meet together to pray, laugh, cry, and embrace the journey of motherhood.

Moms Connected

For Moms of Any Age

Are you a mom seeking connection, encouragement & empowerment in this crazy task of "motherhood"? We have a place for you to fellowship and grow with other moms...because we “get what it means to be a mom!”