Sermons | 2019

'Tis The Season...

Sundays | 4 Messages

The How's and Why's of Miracles

Sunday | Jeff Brawner

Embracing The Unexpected

Sunday | Mike Teixeira


Sunday | Jeff Brawner | 8 Messages

When God Has The Last Word!

Wednesdays | Mike Teixeira

Are You Gonna Go My Way?

Sunday | Pastor Davida

At The Movies

Sunday | 5 Messages

Things Jesus Never Said

Wednesdays | Jordan Brawner

Moments... At His Feet

Sunday | Mike Teixeira

Qutting for Good!

Sunday | Jeff Brawner | 6 Messages

My Life As A Comedy

Sunday | Jason David

Dads Fest 2019



Sunday | 6 Messages

Easter Sunday

Jeff Brawner

Palm Sunday: Kingdom VS Empire

Sunday | Jason David

Moses: Your Mission & Overcoming Fear!

Wednesday | Jordan Brawner

Joseph And the Keys to the Fight of Your Life!

Wednesday | Jordan Brawner

The Battle After The Breakthrough

Sunday | Mike Teixeira


Sunday | Multiple Speakers


Sunday | Jason David

Goal Getters!

Sunday | Jeff Brawner | 4 Messages