Powered By Promises

There is someone who loves it when we say … “you promised!” … and that person is God. God is the biggest and best “promisor” we’ve ever met because He knows the power and potential of his promises in our lives. God wants us to live … powered by his promises … and that’s what this new teaching series by Pastor Jeff is all about. This week’s webcast begins with some great music from BVCC’s worship team and some great principles about God’s great promises … enjoy!

1. Promises 101!

Jeff Brawner | 9.10.2017

2. The Ticket of Peace!

Jeff Brawner | 9.17.2017

3. The Overcoming Promise

Jeff Brawner | 9.24.2017

4. The Promise Of The Helper

Jeff Brawner | 10.1.2017

5. God’s Synergizing Promise!

Jeff Brawner | 10.8.2017

6. The Caring Promise

Jeff Brawner | 10.15.2017

7. Promises For Troubled Hearts

Jeff Brawner | 10.22.2017

8. The Promise Of Heaven

Jeff Brawner | 10.29.2017