Ready to take the next step?

Moving foward is all about taking your next step. 

Water Baptism

Water Baptism is an act of obedience and public declaration that you’re a follower of Jesus Christ. If you’ve put your faith in Jesus, being baptized is the next step in your new life!

Base Class

If you’re ready to call BVCC your home, membership is the next step for you. It opens the door for leadership opportunities and gives you a vote in major decisions we make about the church.


Life isn’t meant to be lived alone. God created us to thrive in community with friends we can grow, laugh, pray and serve with. In addition to our weekend gatherings, small groups are a great on ramp for growing closer with Jesus and with others.


Find your place to serve! We encourage you to join a team, make new friends, and become a vital part of what God is doing at Bonita Valley