Ministry to Men

BVCC Men’s Ministry empowers men to become the loving leaders God intended them to be. Along the way, you’ll bond with a band of brothers as you develop a more vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.

Ministry to Men

Men's Bible Study

Men's Bible Study will resume on Thursday, April 15th at 6:30 pm in the Family Center. Join us for Volume 6 of 33 The Series -- A Man and His Fatherhood.


Being a dad is one of the most important and influential roles a man could ever play in his life. But being a good dad doesn't always come naturally. That's what this volume of 33 The Series is all about … setting you up to win as a dad. All six sessions are designed to help dads think strategically about how they play out their important role. It equips you with insights that will help guide you through key decisions and the great challenges of being dad. 


Study Guides will be available for purchase after services in the courtyard on Sunday, April 11th.