Ministry to Men

BVCC Men’s Ministry empowers men to become the loving leaders God intended them to be. Along the way, you’ll bond with a band of brothers as you develop a more vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.

Time & Location

Thursdays | 6:45pm | Family Center

33 The Series: Volume 3

Starts Thursday, March 5

(No Bible Study Thursday, February 27)


How do you answer the question “who am I as a man?” If we don’t have clarity about what it truly means to be a man we can often end up disappointed, drifting and settling for a “less–than” life. We can find ourselves lonely and in a state of confusion; comparing and competing just to keep up with everybody else.


The good news is that God has a really clear purpose and vision for us as men that is unique to use as men. God lays it out in His Word and it’s not only clear, it’s inspiring, exciting and motivating! God’s idea of manhood is more compelling and more meaningful than the conventional manhood that much of the world seems to be chasing.


Join us we learn together about the design and life that God created us for!