Fixer Upper

Every family is a “fixer-upper” because there are no perfect parents or perfect kids. Every “fixer-upper” family can be built into a “dream family” with the hope, plan, power, and process God makes available to those who have the “guts” to take on a “fixer-upper!” 

1. Building Your Dream Family!

Jeff Brawner | 6.03.18

2. Blue Prints for Effective Parents (and individuals)!

Jeff Brawner | 6.10.18

3. Demo Day!

Jeff Brawner | 6.24.2018

4. Constructing Pirorities

Jeff Brawner | 7.01.2018

5. Resolving Unexpected Issues!

Jeff Brawner | 7.08.2018

6. The Biggest and best Reveal!

Jeff Brawner | 7.15.2018