Covid-19 Update

*Updated 6.18*

Dear Bonita Valley Family & Friends,

I have some good news and some not-so-good news about this Sunday!

Let’s start with the not-so-good news. The state mandated limit of 100 people per church service, regardless of a facility’s seating capacity, is still in place for at least another 21 days. That means, we cannot have the on-campus Father’s Day service we had planned and hoped for.

Here's the good news, Retired Lt. General Jerry Boykin will still be our Father’s Day speaker, on-line. General Boykin flies into San Diego Saturday evening and he’ll be recording a very special dad’s day message for our BVCC family!

Our BVCC ministry schedule, formats, and locations have changed, but our commitment to ministry hasn’t, it’s stronger than ever!

Sunday services for adults and children are still happening, on-line. Monday intercessory prayer night is back, it happens @ 7pm in the Worship Center. Tuesday’s Celebrate Recovery groups are meeting on campus @ 7pm, in the Family Center. Zoom small group meetings are happening throughout the week, social distancing doesn’t mean spiritual isolation, connecting with God and others is what BVCC’s Life Groups are all about!

Keep connecting with God and others, and keep praying that we’ll be able to reconnect on campus sooner than later.

You are loved, valued, and missed!

Pastor Jeff