BREAKTHROUGH is a brand new series for the entire family! From Sunday through Saturday you can experience Breakthrough in our weekend services, as well as weekly small groups and weeknight ministries

Your Best Year Yet!

Sunday | Jeff Brawner | 4 Messages

Home For Christmas

Sunday | Jason David

No Gift Left Behind

Wednesday | Jordan Brawner

God With Us

Sunday | Mike Teixeira

Life Shaping Lessons

Sunday | Jeff Brawner

Thanks Givers

Sunday | Jeff Brawner

When God Goes Kanye

Sunday | Jason David


Sunday | Mike Teixeira

The Tension of Change

Sunday | Mike Teixeira

Suit Up

Wednesday | Jordan Brawner | 4 Messages

Powered By Promises

Sunday | Jeff Brawner | 8 Messages

No More Drama

Sunday | Ferguson Harris

Anchored: Grounded in God's Love

Sunday | Mike Teixeira | 2 Messages


Wednesday | Jordan Brawner | 5 Messages

How I Survived Sharks, Hurricanes, and Cancer

Sunday | Jason David

Thank God It's Monday

Sunday | Jeff Brawner |  4 Messages

Fearless Friendships

Sunday | Mike Teixeira

The Bridge

Sunday | Jordan Brawner


Sunday | Jeff Brawner |  5 Messages