People thought it was the end of the story... but it was


Friday, April 19 | 7pm

Good Friday Service


Why is “Good Friday” called “good” when it was the worst day Jesus and his closest followers ever experienced? That question is answered in a powerful and musical way in this multi-media presentation!


Saturday, April 20 | 11am - 2pm

Easter Family Festival


On Saturday, April 20 from 11am - 2pm it’s the Easter Family Festival! This event is for children ages 12 and under and it’s going to be a blast! There will be 21,000 Easter Eggs, rides, a petting zoo and a whole lot more!

Sunday, April 21 | 9am, 11am, 1pm

Easter Sunday Service

Jesus' resurrection is the ultimate comeback—from death, from defeat, from despair. and the same can happen for you!

Experience an Easter comeback at
Bonita Valley Community Church!